The Global Natural Gas Ventures is the first organization to obtain the wholesome support of the P4P in all its ventures after a careful study and scrutiny of the GNGV business charter and endeavors planned.
WELCOME TO Global Natural Gas Ventures

The Global NGV has been set up in India to provide the requisite platform for Global entities to venture into possible business opportunities in the Indian Gas and renewable energy field considering the tremendous energy gap that exists between the demand and supply.

The Global NGV will facilitate all such efforts / business objectives by providing the requisite support in the downstream activities in India in terms of

Specific support in appraising, assessing marketing opportunities / demand centers and formalizing such requirements into bankable short term / long term contracts and agreements.

The mode of such facilitation can be built through varieties of instruments like a Retainer-ship, regular specific contract / agreement, partnerships. JVs or collaborations as may be required by the entities across the world seeking to market their products (natural gas / LNG and other renewable energy options) in India.

The GNGV has marshalled its resources to be able to provide such services through experienced and well versed personnel with in India and shall be able to resource the HR requirements with in the requisite legal framework .

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